Why choose this treatment?

We work with your nervous system to allow your body to heal faster. We retrain and restore your brain to send the correct signals to the affected area, so it can heal and function like it was designed to do. That is why the unique Neufit system results last longer even after one NEUBIE session.

This is what we do;

  • We manually muscle test your body for any compensated patterns or pain. This is to find out what muscles we need to “turn back on”. 
  • Once these patterns are found we use manual activation techniques to activate the compensated areas or free up those areas.
  • We noninvasively assess with the NEUBIE what areas are over or under-compensating for function or find heightened painful areas.  Sometimes our brain continues to send information to a muscle that it perceives a threat from past memory even if there is no longer a threat, so the brain will still restrict signals to activate normal function.
  • Lastly, use the Neufit System which is a Direct Current (DC) device through electrodes on specific body areas to retrain the central nervous system to obtain maximum results of healing, performance and health at an accelerated rate. We can remove the “blocks” that over time can be created due to poor habits, injuries or traumas.

This is a unique active DC current unit vs. Passive AC current unit.

Licensed through Neufit

My Mission:

To provide clients an opportunity to improve wellness, reduce pain, and add quality of life through NeuFit Systems therapies and professional therapeutic massage services to fully experience the joys of life.


What My Clients Say

“I had an injury to my tailbone where I had significant pain when going from sitting to standing. After the first treatment with the neubie, I noticed an immediate lessening of pain during this same movement. I would recommend anyone experiencing pain to give the neubie a try!”

Emily Long

“Experiencing the Neubie first hand and the efficiency of its ability for rehab and greater range of motion regarding trouble spots, has made me a believer!”

Randal Postel
Owner, Integrated Fitness
Warsaw, MO