About Me

Julia and Marilyn

In 1990 I was blessed with my second daughter, Julia.  She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy spastic diplegia at age one. It affected her balance, back and legs.

Being the goal oriented person that I am, my goal was to help her as much as possible to increase her mobility. She did not crawl, walk or sit up by herself. Through many years and many alternative treatments she has improved and currently lives independently with limited assistance.  With her journey I enjoyed a wealth of information I have accumulated with many differently protocols we tried; Myofascial Release in Sedona AZ, Cranial Sacral Therapy in Florida, massage, Centre for Inner Change in Denver, and others.  By 2006, I wanted to enhance my massage knowledge so I obtained my massage therapy license.  I have over 120 hours of continuing education with the Myofascial release therapy. I have professionally massaged on and off since 2006.  I deeply care for people in general so massage and helping people is very rewarding for me.  I am currently working toward a personal training certification to enhance my knowledge to continue to help people. 

When I heard about the treatment using the neuromuscular device we tried it for the first time May 2018.  Results were nothing short of amazing for both Julia and me.  I have had low back pain before I had children. After the first visit the back pain was gone, GONE!!  The feeling of freedom of pain in that area of my body was astounding to me. For Julia, the Neubie decreased her pain and increased her function.  Her function improved by; relaxed legs, transferring from her wheelchair with greater ease, she can intentionally, while sitting in her wheelchair, cross one leg over the other in a relaxed position without the use of her arms or hands, and she can pull her knees to her chest move her knees away from the other and back together. If you know anything about spastic diplegia you know this is simply undoable!  I am so excited about sharing this technology with others to improve their quality of life! Give it a try!! You will be glad you did.

In my relaxation moments, I enjoy the NEUBIE, traveling, walking, giving and receiving massages, and outdoors doing just about anything but mostly gardening and spending time with my family.